{New and Meaningful ornaments // 2021}

Every year we try to pick out an ornament or two (really just depends on the year and the events that occurred) to represent our year. Sometimes we pick up these ornaments while on a trip, some are given to us, or some are just ones that I see and know that we need on our tree. This year, we have several meaningful ornaments to add to our collection.

First up is the sweet little angel wings in remembrance of our Diesel boy! This one is probably our most special ornament this year. Diesel left a hole in all of our hearts when he left us. We miss him so incredibly much. He was more than just a pet, he was part of our family. 

Next up is this cruise ship to represent our Disney Cruise on the Wonder this year! We cannot wait for this cruise!!  Nate's mom gifted us this precious ornament this year. 

Next is this train ornament to represent our yearly ride on the Polar Express. This was also a gift from Nate's mom!

I made us a couple of Mickey-themed ornaments to represent our cruise! These were so fun to make and how precious are they??

And last, but certainly not least, this kitty ornament to represent our sweet Willow Jade! She has been such a fun addition to our family and keeps us on our toes. 

Do you get a special ornament to represent your year? 

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