{New Mexico Trip // Day 5 // Winter Wonderland, Steam}

 On our fifth day at the cabin, we woke up to the most beautiful Winter Wonderland!! There were several more inches of snow all the way around the cabin!! And all of the trees were covered. It was the most beautiful sight!!! There is just something so magical about snow in the mountains. I felt like I was living inside of a real-life snowglobe!!! Or a Hallmark movie. 

We stayed in one of the upstairs bedrooms and it had a balcony that overlooked the front of the cabin! I went out to capture some photos! I could get real used to drinking coffee on any of those balconies/porches at that cabin! I snapped several photos & videos and then realized that I locked myself out!! But, I wasn't too worried about it. More time to soak in the beautiful snow! Thankfully, Mason was upstairs and was able to let me in when I was ready!

Then I remembered the huge window down by the table in the dining area! It was the perfect spot for my Bible study that morning!! So I gathered my things and went downstairs. It was so cozy studying God's word with such a magical view!! I just kept thinking about how God created all of that and how awesome He is to share it with us. Complete and total awe! 

Finally, the rest of the family started waking up and seeing the beauty I had been soaking in the last couple of hours! We all had breakfast at the table together while watching the snowfall!! Then, Nate went out to shovel the steps and to make us a path to the trucks. I went outside to take more photos!

After soaking in all of the beauty for a while, we decided to head into town. There were a couple of shops in town we wanted to visit. And then we were going to try to drive the monuments at Questa, but had to turn around. Those backroads were not plowed and looked like pure ice. We thought it was best not to test it since we didn't have cell signal back there! And it's way back into the mountains! It sure would have been a beautiful sight to see, though. 

On our way back from Questa, we drove through the Red River Ski Area and then took some of the backroads from there. We saw some deer that led us to a ski area we had never seen before, so we got out to explore. 

After playing in the snow and exploring, we headed back to the cabin to regroup. We hung out in the cozy cabin while the snow continued to fall. It was so awesome and relaxing! Then Nate and I left to go find some coffee. We happened to find the cutest coffee shop, ever! It was inside of an old train and was called Steam. Everything about it was perfect and adorable. 

After getting coffee, we drove around Red River just to take in the sights one last time before heading home the next day. We love this tiny little ski town. 

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