{Jeep Around Texas Ice Cream Meet at Chill Zero}

 I'm not sure if I have mentioned it on here or not, but Nate and I created a Jeep Facebook group/community a couple years ago called Jeep Around Texas. It started off slow but has picked up over the last year or so. We are at 18.5k members and growing by 2-4k a month! So far, it's been a pretty great community of Jeepers. Anyhow, we joined in with one of our favorite Jeep families to host a monthly meet at an Ice Cream shop they own right here in our hometown. We've had 4 or 5 meets so far and each one has blown us away with the amount of Jeeps/Jeepers that have come out. We had one this month and it was a blast! I never get many pictures because we are too busy having a good time. Here are the photos I did get, though! 

We had people come in from all over Texas; East Texas, Houston, North Texas, etc. Nathan and I are so incredibly grateful for this community and the support of Jeep Around Texas! 

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