{A trip to the Dallas Arboretum // March 2021}

 Ever since we started working at home, my coworkers and I like to get together every couple of months. We usually meet for breakfast and catch up on accounts we're working on as well as our personal lives. It's such a sweet time to spend with them. One of my coworkers still isn't comfortable with eating at restaurants (Covid) so we found somewhere else to meet. We met super early at the Dallas Arboretum!

My boss is a member and because of that, we got to take advantage of the member walk. From 7-9am only members are allowed in the arboretum. We got there right at 7:30 to stroll the arboretum. There were so many beautiful tulips out! We walked and caught up on everything. I really enjoyed it!! 

I've only been to the Dallas Arboretum one other time and that was during Christmas. My mom's company had their Christmas party there. They had the 12 days of Christmas exhibit up and it was beautiful. It was neat to see it in the daytime with all the spring flowers. 

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