{Texas Snowpocalypse // 2021}

 I don't think anything could have prepared us for this storm! We live in Texas and do not see temperatures/snow like this very often. The snowstorm started on Valentine's Day and continued through 2/19ish. We had below zero temps, ice, snow, and more ice/snow. It was definitely a February to remember. A Texas Snowpocalpyse...

Nathan had previously signed up to be part of the de-icing crew at work so that meant he had to go into work on Saturday afternoon (2/13). Technically, he didn't have to be there until Sunday morning but we were expecting an ice storm that night. We live about 45 minutes from his plant and he didn't want to chance driving that far on the ice. He slept at the plant every night from Saturday until Tuesday. They took really good care of them, though. He was well-fed and had a cozy place to sleep. Mason and I missed him like crazy, though. It was frightening at times, weathering this storm without him. 

While the snow was pretty, the storm was actually quite devastating for much of Texas. The below-freezing temps brought busted pipes, power outages, water outages, damage, and so much more. We kept seeing news reports of the devastation and it would only worry me more about what to expect. Thankfully, we only had rolling power outages. We would have about two hours of electricity and then down for an hour to an hour and a half. Mason and I were sure to charge our phones, make us some food, and crank up the heat during the times we did have electricity. This continued for over 3 days. On the 4th day we had a good long run with electricity and then someone slid on the ice and hit the transformer box down the road. We were without electricity for eight hours at that time. However, we were counting our blessings since so many had been without electricity and water for days. 

During one of the power outages, I braved the ice/snow to get the Jeep out of the garage for some snow pictures. It's just a Jeep thing...

Nathan finally got home on the evening of February 16th. We just relaxed and soaked up his company. Mason and I missed him so much. It was so weird without him. We are never apart for that amount of time...especially during a winter storm...I mean snow apocalypse (exactly what it felt like). Nate got five days off because they ended up shutting down the plant for the rest of the week!

Then on Wednesday, Feb 17th, we finally got out to play in the snow! We were still having power outages, so in the downtime, I got to enjoy it with my boys. Nate got out the drone for some footage and even had it follow me in the Jeep. We also got out the Polaris to play in the snow. It was cold, but we had so much fun. It was time to make the best of the snow and play! We had a blast. 

I also took some photos around the house of the pretty snow/ice.

A couple days later, Nate and Mase got out to play with some airsoft guns (the start of their new hobby!). There was still some snow on the ground, but the sun was out and it was starting to melt. It was pleasant enough to play without heavy snow gear on.

One of the weirdest weeks of my life...but we made the most out of it! We survived the Texas Snowpocalypse!! 

And for the video...

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