{Spring Break // KidZania // March 2021}

 Our last and final surprise to kick off Mason's spring break week was KidZania! We had wanted to visit last year when it came to Texas, but then Covid happened and it closed down. We were so thrilled to see that they were opened back up this year! They only sell so many tickets a day and you have to buy them in advance. So, we did just that! They did have some areas that were still closed due to Covid and they didn't allow the kids to put on uniforms for jobs. However, we still had a wonderful time.

Mason was most excited about KidZania! He had been waiting for over a year to visit. And? It did not disappoint. Not one single bit. From the minute you walk up, they start catering to the kids and treating them like little adults. We checked in at the "airport" and went through baggage check and such. Then it opened up to the town of KidZania. Instantly, we were in awe and didn't know where to look. There was so much to see. We had to go straight to the "Chase Bank" to activate Mason's debit card and for them to put KidZo's in his account. KidZos are the currency for KidZania. They all get $50 kidzos deposited in their account upon arrival. From there, they can work jobs to earn more KidZo's or they can spend them on things like a ropes course, flight simulator, icees at 7 Eleven, etc. So stinkin' cute.

Next, we went to activate Mason's passport so that he got the max pay at every job at KidZania. I love how all of the employees are in total character and act as if he's really activating a Passport. So cute! 

Then we walked around until Mason found the first job he wanted to do. Which was the KidZania PD and CSI! They get a quick lesson/training and then they set out to question people and find some stolen gold. Mason had a blast and said it was his favorite job. 

After Mase completed his CSI job, we went upstairs so that he could get his pilot's license. This profession probably had one of the longest lines. But, I can see why...it was just awesome! Mason and his partner got to get the huge simulator. There were so many buttons and if I had to guess, looked just like the cockpit of an actual plane. There was actually a father that was a pilot and said that it was pretty on point. They watched a training video and then got to take off, fly, and land the airplane. All in all, the simulator lasted well over 20 minutes. It was awesome!

After Mason got his Pilot's license we headed over to the construction ropes course. We did one of these a few years ago in Red River, NM and Mason wasn't the biggest fan. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th levels freaked him out. But, he was determined to conquer his fears and complete this course. And? HE SURE DID! He did so awesome and Nate and I were so proud of him!

Then Mase was off to get his degree from SMU university!! 

Then he was off to be a Firefighter!! He did some training and then got to ride on the fire truck to put out a fire on the other side of KidZania!

It was near closing time so we had to go back to the bank for Mason to collect all of his earnings for the day! They then can decide to either spend their earnings in the department store, or save them for future visits. Mason was all about visiting the department store!! 

We had the most incredible time. We can't wait to go back because there was so much we didn't get to see/do. They have so many professions you can choose from. Such a neat place!!

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