{Valentine's Day // 2021}

 Valentine's Day looked a lot different this year...and for once I am not talking about Covid! It just happened to fall right around the time Texas was expecting the biggest snow/winter storm we have had in years. It was also different because it was just Mase and me at home. Nate had to go into work the night before (and sleep over) to prepare the plant for the storm (more on that later). 

I decorated the table with Mason's Valentine gifts and made him his favorite breakfast. We facetimed Nate when Mase opened his gifts so that he could be a part of it all. We missed him so much but we were thankful for modern technology!!

Mason and I were lazy most of the day. We watched a ton of Netflix and peeked out at the snowfall every once in a while. 

The temps continued to drop, so it was too cold to spend any length of time outside. It sure was cozy inside, though. The calm before the storm...

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