{Chicken Coop Reno // 2021}

 For a while now, I have been wanting to renovate our chicken coop and get chickens. I knew that it was probably a big undertaking because our coop was in bad shape, so I kept putting it off. After we had chickens the last go-'round, we had a miniature donkey back there. He wasn't so gentle around the coop and tore it up. Well, on Saturday, March 6th we had a friend over with his tractor to till up the garden and do a few other things around ours & Nate's parent's properties. We were out working around the coop and I mentioned to Nate's mom that I wanted to renovate the coop & get chickens. She was excited and gave me just the amount of encouragement I needed to get started. I told Nate I was ready and that's all it took...


We were at Home Depot that night buying supplies! And before the night was over, we had a new door built. (I didn't get a picture of it until the next day, though.)

Let me back up a little bit and show you the hideous before picture of our chicken coop...

At one time, it was really cute. But like I said, Jake, our miniature donkey gave it some tough love. Anyhow, we began by removing the busted-up door and all the trim pieces. We knew we needed to replace those for sure. 

Then we got busy painting!! It took two coats of paint to cover up all of the red. I wanted to go with a white & black theme to match our home. 

Once we painted all the white pieces we began working on the trim pieces and painting those black. Then we hung the new door that we made.

Then it was time for me to get busy decorating! I had a vision from the very beginning and it came out better than I had envisioned!!! I knew that I wanted some window boxes (with fake flowers...because chickens) and I wanted to make a wooden sign to hang up top. I found everything at Walmart. After a little spray paint, it was the color I wanted. They had the prettiest bunches of fake flowers and I was so impressed! I found the cute little home sweet home sign in the Easter section. It's by Pioneer Woman. I love her stuff! 

And here she is...in all her glory!!

All in all, it wasn't as much of an undertaking as I had expected. We worked on it for a couple hours Saturday night, a few hours Sunday morning, a few hours Sunday night, and then hung my sign on Monday evening. 

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