Today wraps up my last and final New Mexico trip post. In true Crystal fashion, it's 2.5 months overdue. But hey, better late than never. We woke up and slowly packed all of our things to begin the trek home. We didn't really have time that we needed to be out of the cabin, so we didn't rush. In our hearts, none of us wanted to leave this dreamy place. It was one of those trips that you dream about, or see only in the movies. We loved every single minute of it. 

We took some group pictures out on the back porch before we left. Thank God for tripods, a remote, and a trigger-happy little boy to push the button! haha. 

And then we gave the cabin one last walk around...lingering because we didn't want to leave!! It was a sad drive out of Red River. But, it was also a pretty drive. 

The rest of our group got a hotel about halfway home, but we decided to drive straight through. If we had to leave Red River, then we were ready to just be home. Texas welcomed us back with a beautiful sunset!

Red River, you sure were good to us. Until next time...

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