{Aaron Watson // March 2021}

 Back in March, we were invited to an Aaron Watson concert with some Jeep friends. Not only did they have tickets, but they also had a VIP table at this concert. Nathan knows how much I love Aaron Watson, so with only a day's notice, he made it happen! We found a sitter for Mase and our dogs for Saturday afternoon/evening!

The concert was at a venue called The Grain in a small town called Hamilton, TX. We went ahead and got a hotel because Hamilton is just about 2 hours away from home. We didn't want to attempt driving home that late after the concert. 

We got to Hamilton around 4pm, checked into the hotel, and found our friends! We hung out in the parking lot for a little while and then we all went to get ready for dinner. We went to a steakhouse that is located on the Rodeo grounds in Hamilton, TX. Great location and incredible food! 

Then we headed to the concert venue. We weren't too worried about getting there too early since had VIP seats. Well...we get to our table and we literally cannot even see the stage. We had so many general admission tickets standing right in front of us and so close to us. Our friend, who bought the tickets/table, went to find the owner. They agreed that our table was in a bad location and that for the price we paid we at least needed to be able to see the stage. SO....the owner had some workers move our table closer to the stage. And when I say closer to the stage I mean right front and center. We were only about six feet from the stage. This night was getting better by the minute! 

Aaron played a lot of his new music with a good mix of his older songs! It was the perfect combo and such an amazing show. Aaron Watson never disappoints. And, I can't even tell you what it felt like to be outside enjoying some live Texas Country Music again!

Aaron threw out a lot of his guitar picks and they said "Pick Jesus!" Just another reason why we love him so. He's a man of faith!!

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