{Lunch with NeNaw and Nell}

 A few weeks ago, we were able to pick up Nathan's Grandmother (NeNaw) and her really good friend Nell and take them to lunch. They were so precious and so excited to leave their assisted living facility for an afternoon outing! 

For the better part of a year now, they haven't been able to leave and do much due to Covid and Quarantine. Their facility was very strict on following every measure possible to keep them all safe and healthy. While we missed out on so much during that year, I am really thankful for their health. 

We had the best time with them. Mason went and he was so sweet to both of them! We love them so much. Nell announced to everyone that this was the first "real meal" she's had in over a year! Bless her!

We followed lunch with a trip to Sweet Frog for some frozen yogurt. What a sweet afternoon!

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