{Spring Break // Main Event & Bahama Bucks // March 2021}

 We carried our spring break celebrations into Saturday! We took Mason to a new Main Event that recently opened in our hometown. It was spring break, so we were expecting a massive crowd. We went in with an open mind and were pleasantly surprised. It wasn't overly crowded at all. 

We bought Nathan and Mason a $75 game card each, thinking that would last all of thirty minutes. However, those cards lasted well over 3 hours. Again, we were surprised. We ended up having a really nice time at Main Event. Mason and Nathan racked up over 3300 points and Mason made out like a bandit at the prize shop. He got some really great things and was so excited about it. 

After Main Event, we went and picked up something pretty exciting. I will be sharing about that very soon. Then we went to Bahama Bucks for some snow cones.

It was such a sweet day with my boys! 

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