{Bluebonnets // 2021 // Vol. 1}

 Back on March 26th we made our first trip over to see the Bluebonnets (< click on that link to see previous Bluebonnet posts). Driving the back roads to see these beautiful Texas flowers is one of our favorite things to do on weeknights! It's so soothing to my soul to drive these back roads at sunset and then spend some time in these gorgeous wildflower fields. 

It was a bit too early in the season, but we did find a really good patch. And? It just happened to be in one of our favorite spots! This area has the best view of the sunset. And right across the street is a cattle ranch. The horses normally greet you at the fence. So peaceful and so serene. 

God is always right on time with his messages....

Stay tuned for more!! 

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