{Spring Break // LegoLand & Bricks and Minifigs // March 2021}

 I took off work on Friday, March 12th so that we could surprise Mason with a fun day. His spring break was the following week and we weren't traveling this year (saving vacation time for some bigger trips this year). So, we wanted to kick off spring break week with a fun day for him. He had no clue where we were going and was so excited! We only had to hear "where are we going" somewhere on the side of about 37,000 times that week! ha.

Our first stop was....LEGOLAND!!!!

The nearest one to us is about an hour away in a mall. I have no clue why we have never gone until now! Our ticket time was for 11:30, but we got there when the mall opened. We figured Mason might want to walk around the mall before Legoland. It's not often that these country folk see a mall. haha! We shopped and found a few neat things. Then it was time for our passes to Legoland. 

Mason could barely contain his excitement!! Although some things were not happening due to Covid, we still had a great time. We got checked in and then went straight to one of the rides. I rode with Mason while Nate watched from the entrance. Then we went to the play place for Mason to play a bit. After that we took a stroll in the DFW portion of Legoland. They had Lego exhibits of the airport, downtown Dallas, downtown Fort Worth, the rodeo area, and the sports complexes. It was pretty neat! 

Next, we got in line for the 3D movie experience! It was such a cute little film. 

After the movie, we mosied on over to the space exhibits and then over to the cop car rides. They only had 4 going at a time so we had to wait a little while until Mason's turn.

Then it was time for Nate & Mason's virtual reality ride. I signed them up to do it together. I figured it was a two-seater...so Nate volunteered as tribute. haha! 

After the VR, Mason made a Lego square using the new Lego dots to add to their art wall. They gave him a bracelet and some Lego pieces for doing so. Then Nate and Mason made a Lego car for the test track. Both of them broke into pieces! Those were some huge drops!! Next we rode the quest ride where you shoot laser guns at things. That was fun! Then it was off to check out the gift shop. It's there that we told Mason where we were going for stop #2...

Bricks & Minifigs

We knew Mason was going to want to buy everything in the Legoland store, so we wanted him to know he would have more options at stop #2. Only, Bricks and Minifigs was kind of a bust. He found some things, but nothing like the San Antonio location. 

And for the video...

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