{Our first set of baby chicks // March 2021}

 I mentioned in the previous post that after our spring break celebrations we went and picked up something exciting! What was that exciting thing I'm talking about? Our first set of baby chicks!!! (well, first set this go-'round! - we had chickens about 12 years ago) We went to Atwood's and Mason and I picked out 10 sweet little babies to bring home with us!! 

So precious, right? Below are the breeds that we picked out on this trip to the feed store:

  • Ameraucanas
  • Midnight Majest Marans
  • Easter Eggers
  • Black Australorps
  • Sapphire Gems
We are over the moon about them. Mason picked out his favorite and named it Tony Hawk (he's into skateboarding at the moment). 

All ten of these precious babies are doing so good and have gotten so big since we first got them. We are smitten. I might have become a crazy #chickenmama. ha

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