{Summer Bucketlist Update // What we did in June & July}

Sweet, sweet summertime. How I love you so! I do not love the Texas heat (I feel like a broken record over here - but it's miserable here) but I love the freedom that comes with summer. We have put a pretty big dent in our Summer bucket list in June & July. Here's a look at all that we have done! 

Decorate for the 4th of July // Go Camping // Watch Fireworks on the 4th of July // Eat copious amounts of watermelon // Go Swimming

We knocked off all of these things while camping at the 4th of July! We decorated our central area (buddy sites) in between the two campers in all things red, white, and blue! We watched fireworks over the lake from my aunt's lakehouse! There were fireworks in every direction you looked and it was so beautiful!! And of course, eating cold watermelon and swimming were the best ways to combat the heat while camping!

Treat the chickens to watermelon // 

Watermelon is one of their favorite treats! I like to either refrigerate it or freeze it before I give it to them so that it's nice and cold! I know they're hot out there and I feel bad for them. I'm constantly taking them fresh water or cool treats! 

Road trip Saturdays after hockey // Texas Bucketlist

We've had so much fun with this! I've enjoyed the little road trips and spending time with my boys. So far, we've gone to...

Strawn, TX (visited my Great Grandma's gravesite, went to the family farm, and ate at Mary's Cafe)

We have made so many fun memories together! I can't wait to do this more...especially in the fall! 

Book a cruise // 

We are cruising to Key West, Freeport, Half Moon Cay, and Nassau next July! We are so excited. This will be our longest cruise yet at 8 days! 

Go to a Ranger Game //

We've been to a couple! The first was in the Lexus Club with some of our friends and it was amazing. These are by far the best seats we've ever had at a Ranger game!! The next was with Nate's mom! We also went with Jeep Girl Mafia - but I didn't take many photos. We love these games and the atmosphere. Plus, Rangers are on fire!!! We have a pretty solid team right now.

Read three books // 

I gave myself a goal to read three books over the summer and I am happy to say that I have read SIX!! This is big for me. I usually do not have time to read except when I get in bed at night because I am so exhausted. Since I've been going on evening walks, I've had a little bit more energy in the evenings so this has helped. Here's what I have read:


I just started The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose! I'm excited to dive into this one. 

Jeep Girl Mafia 2-year anniversary //

I've mentioned before, but I am one of the club VPs for Jeep Girl Mafia. It's an all girls Jeep club - nationwide! We had our 2-year birthday bash a few weeks ago. Despite the heat, it was a success! We collected a ton of school supplies as a donation (to help schools that need it). We had vendors, food trucks, and a show and shine!  

🌴 Decorate for the 4th of July ✔️
🌴 Go camping ✔️
🌴 Watch Fireworks on the 4th of July ✔️
🌴 Go swimming ✔️
🌴 Eat copious amounts of watermelon✔️
🌴 Treat the chickens to watermelon✔️
🌴 Road trip Saturdays after hockey ✔️
🌴 Book a cruise ✔️
🌴 Go to a Ranger game✔️
🌴 Read three books ✔️
🌴 Jeep Girl Mafia 2-year anniversary ✔️
🌴 Make s'mores
🌴 Find a sunflower field
🌴 Go to the beach
🌴 Have a water balloon fight
🌴 Lake days with family
🌴 Go to Burger's Lake
🌴 Float the River 
🌴 Make homemade ice cream
🌴 Visit Fredericksburg
🌴 Make a summer vlog
🌴 Buy peaches in Fredericksburg
🌴 Go to a winery
🌴 Try a new recipe
🌴 Have a "bring your own pool" party with friends
🌴 Go to the Farmer's Market
🌴 Make lemon shake-ups (the ones that went viral on tik-tok)
🌴 Go fishing
🌴 Cross some things off our Texas Bucketlist
🌴 Go to a festival
🌴 Watch a sunset at the lake
🌴 Go to California!!!!!!

Still so much summer left and can't wait to cross more off the list.

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