{Weekend Wrap-up // New hair, Hockey, thrifting, New appliances}

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a beautiful weekend. We sure did! It was the perfect mix of going & doing and staying & being productive! I love those kinds of weekends when you feel like you had some fun but then you were really productive at the same time. Here's a look at our weekend. 

Friday //

I worked my normal hours and Nate picked up an overtime shift. That evening my cousin came over to do my hair! It had been over a year since I had my hair done...so it was time! I was enjoying how healthy my hair felt but not the color or length. My hair grows so unevenly - the back grows faster than the sides. So it always looks straggly. I went with an icy blonde and a blunt cut with layers. It feels so good and refreshing to be a blonde again! 


For comparison's sake...

We stayed home the rest of the evening. Nate went and picked us all up some Wingstop.

Saturday //

I got up early and went for my morning walk with Lexi. We got in a mile and a half. I'm trying to work her up into going longer distances. After our walk, I took the chickens some fresh water and collected a couple of eggs! My Olive Eggers are laying just about every other day now. Eeek! So exciting. Then I came in and finished reading my book while waiting on my boys to wake up! Then it was time for hockey. 


After hockey, we went to a couple of thrift stores. There's an Uptown Cheapskate right by the rink, so we went to check it out. I got a brand new pair of Brooks running shoes for $19.99. I thought that was a steal! When we checked out they gave us a 10% off coupon if we visited the Arlington location within 7 days. So, we headed over there. Mason hit the jackpot there! We found him a pair of Abercrombie jeans, a pair of Lucky jeans. a pair of Columbia shorts, an Aeropostale shirt, and a True Religion zip-up hoodie. On our way home we stopped at Salvation Army and Mason found several Dallas Stars & Maverick shirts. I didn't take any photos but I have a little video of Mason's haul!

Then we came home to find that our washing machine had flooded the utility room. Not terribly, but there was a ton of water for sure. Our washing machine has been on the fritz for a while and we knew it was just a matter of time. We bought this set brand new in 2006, so it did us well. We went to Home Depot and picked up a new set. Thankfully, they were in stock. It never fails, the minute you get behind on the laundry something happens! I had a ton to catch up on. We came home and pulled the old set out and put the new set in. This lead to an overhaul on our laundry/utility room. And naturally, with a new washer and dryer, I felt like I needed to wash everything in the house. We were up until 1 in the morning working on it! 

Sunday //

Even though we had a late night, I forced myself out of bed at 7:30 to go for a walk! I didn't want to sleep in and then have to walk in the 100+ degree weather. I already do that in the evenings and it is brutal. So, Lexi and I got up and walked a couple of miles. When we got back to the house I went and did some chicken coop work. This is where I learned that one of my Easter Eggers started laying!! Whoop, whoop! I now have 3 layers out of 7 hens. I can't wait until the others start laying. 

We didn't make it to church - so online it is! The rest of Sunday was a major reset day. We cleaned, pulled weeds on the side porch, did copious amounts of laundry, went grocery shopping, cooked supper, and meal prepped for the rest of the week. Nate joined me on my evening walk! He's such a fast walker that I was practically running to keep up! We did a pretty quick mile and called it good. I had almost 6 miles already logged for Sunday - so I was good with that! 

Hello new week! Hope it's a good one. 

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