It's officially summer (as of June 21st) and I am a bit late in sharing our 2023 Summer Bucketlist. Summer for us usually starts in May and goes through September! The Internet says summer is from June 21st through September 23rd, to be exact. When Texas hits the 90s, that's summer enough for me. Plus, Mason is homeschooled so we can make our summer dates whatever we choose. Here's a look at all the things we hope to do this summer. Since I'm super late in posting this, we've already checked off quite a few! 

🌴 Decorate for the 4th of July
🌴 Go camping
🌴 Watch Fireworks on the 4th of July
🌴 Go swimming
🌴 Eat copious amounts of watermelon
🌴 Treat the chickens to watermelon
🌴 Road trip Saturdays after hockey
🌴 Make s'mores
🌴 Find a sunflower field
🌴 Go to the beach
🌴 Have a water balloon fight
🌴 Lake days with family
🌴 Go to Burger's Lake
🌴 Float the River 
🌴 Make homemade ice cream
🌴 Visit Fredericksburg
🌴 Book a cruise
🌴 Make a summer vlog
🌴 Buy peaches in Fredericksburg
🌴 Go to a winery
🌴 Go to a Ranger game
🌴 Try a new recipe
🌴 Have a "bring your own pool" party with friends
🌴 Go to the Farmer's Market
🌴 Read three books
🌴 Make lemon shake-ups (the ones that went viral on tik-tok)
🌴 Go fishing
🌴 Cross some things off our Texas Bucketlist
🌴 Go to a festival
🌴 Watch a sunset at the lake
🌴 Jeep Girl Mafia 2-year anniversary
🌴 Go to California!!!!!!

What's on your summer list?

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