{Five on Friday // Willow, School, Hockey, Eggs}

Happy Friday! For whatever reason, this week feels like it flew by in a flash. I'm not mad about it! We had a pretty good week! Today I am sharing five random things for Five on Friday...

O N E //

Willow had surgery last Wednesday (spay) and the first couple of days were rough!!! I'm thinking her surgery was shortly before we picked her up because it took forever for the anesthesia to wear off. She could barely use her back two legs and kept falling everywhere. It literally broke my heart! I did not like seeing her that way. While I know that the spay was needed, it was hard to go through! Maybe harder on my heart than on her but still. By the third-ish day, she was acting more like herself. She absolutely hated the cone and someone please tell me how you're supposed to limit the activity of a cat? It's nearly impossible! Cats do whatever in the heck they want to! ha. This week she seems to be back to normal and her incision has healed well. I love this sweet girl so much!

T W O//

We normally start our school year after Labor Day (the beauty of homeschool) but Mason came to my office on Tuesday and asked if he could start early! Who am I to say no to that? If he's motivated, then it's time to move!! I set up his 8th-grade courses (gasp) and he got to work! I'll post more about this later but as of now, he's already several days ahead in all of his classes! I guess we'll have an extra early start to the summer next year!

T H R E E //

Mason had two hockey sessions this week (so far)! Wednesday night we went to hockey academy and Thursday was his last day of league evaluations! We should know more about the league very soon!!! It's such an exciting time for him!!!


F O U R //

It's been a while since I've updated about my chickens! I now officially have 3 layers - two olive eggers and one easter egger! I'm getting olive green eggs and a pale blue egg! The olive eggers have been laying for a couple of weeks but as of today (Thursday), they are officially laying full-sized eggs! 

F I V E //

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Happy weekend! Go chase some adventure!!!

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