{Weekend Wrap-up // PTO, Hockey}

Happy Tuesday, friends!! Hope your week is off to a great start. Ours has started out busy - but what else is new? Today I am sharing about our weekend. Spoiler alert!! It was a good one!

Friday //

I had PTO on Friday. Nate and I were supposed to go out of town for our anniversary but we found out early last week that Mason would be having a hockey leveling tournament. So I communicated with the Wander Inn and they're letting us reschedule! Whoop Whoop! I kept the day off because we had a few errands to run and I wanted to spend the time with my boys. We were up early and out of the door by 9:30 am. We went to Plano first, to Play It Again Sports. Mason needed a white jersey for the tournament. Then we went to a couple more hockey stores and then did some thrifting! We ate lunch at Steak and Shake. While we were out and about, we went to check out two of the other Dallas Stars Centers. The Plano location was so awesome! Mason especially loved the bubble hockey game! We had the best day together. 

Nate is officially a hockey dad with his new hat. :)

Later that afternoon, we went to check out Nebraska Furniture Mart. We'd never been there before and always see it when we're in the area. It's a pretty neat place! And I think we found our next couch there!! After NFM, we went to Scheels. Mason spotted a Connor Bedard jersey within five minutes of being there. We were so shocked they already have his jerseys out! He was the number one draft pick this year and is such a stud on the ice!! Mason was ecstatic. 

We are Stars fans to the core, but couldn't pass up Bedsy jersey!! 


Nate and I got up and did some work outside. Then we headed to town to run some errands. We got a huge shade screen to put over the chicken run so that it's not so excruciating hot in there. We also got them a 2nd fan! It's made a huge difference. Then I made myself a new hockey mom sweatshirt to wear to the games!! 

The rest of the weekend was spent at Mason's hockey leveling tournament! More on this soon!!

Hope you had a great weekend!!

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