{Roadtrippin' // Strawn Texas // Mary's Cafe}

This past Saturday we decided to do something a little different after hockey! We made a day trip to Strawn, TX. We had been wanting to eat at Mary's for quite some time and decided to finally make that happen! Strawn holds family memories for me. My Grandmother lived there as well as our family farm (where we had family reunions at).

After an hour and a half drive, we arrived in Strawn. We started by going to the cemetery where my Great Grandmother, Great Aunt, and a cousin are buried. 

It was great to see that the cemetery looked nice! So many small-town cemeteries usually get overgrown and trashed, unfortunately.  I'm so glad this wasn't the case here. It actually looked really great. 

After the cemetery, we drove over to see the family farm. The gate was closed, so we just looked from the outside. 

Next, we went to see the little schoolhouse where my Great Grandmother attended school. When we were younger, you could walk through the schoolhouse. Now, it's all locked up. We looked and took pictures from the gate. I sure wish I could have shown Mason the inside! 

Then it was time for lunch! I have a cousin that lives in Strawn so I messaged him to see if he'd like to meet up! He ended up meeting us at Mary's Cafe. It was a sweet treat to get to visit with him! I haven't seen him since Easter at the lake in 2019. Way too long! 

Growing up, Mary's Cafe was a staple for our family. We'd always eat there while in Strawn for a reunion! We were excited to introduce this to Mason! He loves chicken fried steak so it was a win/win for him! We know these steaks are huge so Mason and I shared one!! We got the medium for both of us and we didn't even finish it! 

The food was just as delicious as we remembered! It's crazy how the taste and smell of something can bring memories flooding in.  It was so nostalgic and just wonderful. I loved that I was able to share this with my family!! 

If you're ever in Strawn, check out Mary's Cafe! Mary's Cafe is located at 119 Grant Ave in Strawn, TX. Open daily from 11-9:30 PM (check for holiday hours). Mary's is famous for their chicken fried steak but also has delicious burgers! 

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