{Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose, TX}

On the way home from our Strawn trip (after going to Lake Mineral Wells State Park) we also stopped at Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose, TX.  We've been here many times before and it's always a good time. We weren't prepared to swim this time, we just wanted to see how much water was in the river. It wasn't much! Texas is getting a lot of rain lately so hopefully this will change.

Big Rocks Park is a unique park located on the Paluxy River in Glen Rose. It's full of unusually large rocks that you can climb & explore!  As always, Mason had a great time climbing all of the huge rocks! The sky made for a pretty backdrop in our pictures. 

Then we made our way down to see the Paluxy River.  Here you can take a dip in the river to combat that good ol' Texas heat. 

Then we headed back to the big rocks. Nate joined Mason in jumping from rock to rock while I followed and took pictures! 

Location: 1014 NE Barnard St, Glen Rose, TX 76043
Hours: M-F 8am-10pm, Sat-Sun 8:15am-10pm
Day use only
It's free! 
Shade is limited
Restrooms open during the summer
The parking lot is small - there's additional parking down the road
What to bring - towels, sunscreen, umbrella or something for shade, water shoes (rocks can be slick, hot, and sharp), drinks/lunch. 

Other things to do in Glen Rose, TX:

Camping (we've stayed at Dinosaur Valley, Tres Rios, and Oakdale Park)
See the dinosaur tracks at Dinosaur Valley State Park
Feed the wildlife at Fossil Rim
Learn about dinosaurs at Dinosaur World

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