{Farmfresh Eggs}

Back in February, I started over with a whole new flock of chickens. My hens are all getting to the "laying" age, so I have been on egg watch like a crazy chicken lady. Although, I haven't been too hopeful due to the heat in Texas right now. You can imagine my surprise this weekend when I found THREE eggs in my chicken coop!


All of the eggs were from my Olive Eggers! The eggs are all the prettiest shade of olive green! They're small since they are just starting to lay and will get bigger over time. Its safe to say that my olive eggers are my favorite chickens right now. All the others are just freeloaders. haha!

Nate's mom got me this adorable stamp back at Mother's Day. I've been waiting to use it! I absolutely adore it and am thinking about having a bigger one made for my egg cartons! 

I can't wait to see which one starts laying next!! 

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