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Happy Tuesday! Linking up with Dara, Adrienne, Jen, Joanne, Lauren, and Sarah for the "Not Just a Mom" series. Today we are sharing what's in our handbags! This link-up went live - but I usually share our weekend on Mondays.  

I used to carry the largest purse/handbag at all times! It would contain just about anything and everything you could ever need. I would feel naked without it. Somewhere along the way (within the last year or so) I have downsized majorly! I am now what you'd call a "minimalist" when it comes to handbags/purses! I carry just a small crossbody with only the necessities. Now that Mason is more grown, I don't have to carry much for him - if at all. 


So, what's in my purse?

- a small makeup bag that has chapstick, lipstick, medicine (stomach and allergy), hair clips, etc.

- a small wallet with only my debit card, driver's license, ltc, insurance cards, etc.

- a brush and some hair ties

- hand sanitizer

- headache meds

- a pen

- keys

- lens cleaner (for my big camera but I've been using on my phone camera lens)

- a hockey league pamphlet

- and the most random thing? hockey wax

The purse is from Shein and the strap is from Hobby Lobby! I have 3 or 4 straps that I change out on this purse!

And that's about all. As boring as you can get! I need to start carrying my conceal carry purse more. 

What do you carry in your purse?

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