{Weekend Wrap-up // Corporal Pinning, Hockey, Ft Worth, Reset Day, Coop & Eggs}

Happy Wednesday! It's been quite a week already and thus the reason I am just now getting to share about our weekend. Work has been absolutely insane this week. I told Nate that it feels like it's rapid-fire email week. As soon as I finish one, seven more come in. Monday evening we had Mason's first hockey practice with his team he will be on for league. More on that later! But for now, here is a look at our weekend. 

Friday //

Nate worked an overtime shift but came home around lunchtime. Then he and Mason went to his brother's Corporal pinning! I couldn't go due to work and meetings. The pinning went well and I'm so thankful that Nate and Mason could attend.

That evening we just had supper at home and hung out. Mason practiced hockey and Nate played with him for a while. 

Saturday //

That morning we were up bright and early for hockey! Mason tried out a new class called Hockey Power Edges which is power skating, hockey stops, crossovers, falls and recoveries, etc. We can tell this class is going to be so beneficial to our rotation of hockey classes!  After Power Edges, Mason did Hockey Academy. Nate's mom & middle brother and his family came to watch Mason.

After hockey, the littles went home with Nate's parents so his brother and his wife hung out with us for the afternoon! We started with lunch at Kincaid's in Fort Worth! We saw a Tik Tok about it and had been wanting to try it since. More on this later. 

After Kincaid's we headed over to Cabela's to look around. We haven't been to the Fort Worth location in quite some time. 

After Cabelas, we went to the biggest Foot Locker (has a basketball court in it) to look around. We didn't find anything we couldn't live without, but had fun looking! Nate's brother and his wife went home after that. We went to the Arlington Uptown Cheapskate and then the Mansfield location. We've had great luck finding Mason some stuff there and this time was no exception! Some of the shirts were brand new with tags! Can't beat that. 

Sunday //

Nate and I got up fairly early and went out to work on the chicken coop. Then he repaired a fence while I did some inside housework. We regrouped and headed to town to get some groceries. Mason went with us so our grocery bill about doubled! ha. He must have been hungry and wanted everything in sight. 

Then we spent most of Sunday as a "reset" day. We prepped lunches, did laundry, washed bedding, etc. My chicken coop door was in need of a new sign and I was feeling crafty, so I whipped up a new one. I used mostly Dollar Tree items (the sign, the ship lap wallpaper, the welcome metal sign, the rope) and then used some ribbon and greenery I had in my craft closet. Not bad for a 5ish minute job! And it looks cute on the coop door. 

I was taking pictures of all the different colors of eggs we were getting and not 20 minutes later I went out to the coop to find a new color!! This makes me so ridiculously happy!

That evening, Mason practiced hockey and challenged his dad to a game! 

And that's a wrap on our weekend. How was yours? I hope it was wonderful!!

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