{Weekend Wrap-up // Epic Central, Birthday Party, Hockey, Back to School Bash}

Happy Monday!!  Hope you all had the most incredible weekend. While ours was jam-packed, we had such a good, good one. It was filled with so much family and friend time and so many moments that were good for the soul. Here's a look at our weekend. 

Friday //

I worked a full day on Friday. Nate was off and took care of a couple of errands and took Mason back to the eye doctor. After work, we took a glorious little nap!! Then we headed to Grand Prairie to meet friends! We met at Chicken and Pickle for an evening of games and fun! It was my first time there and I really enjoyed it! The atmosphere is top-notch! We had a pickleball court which came with tables. Then there were also life-sized games of shuffleboard, beer pong, battleship, etc. It was so neat!! 


After our time was up at Chicken and Pickle, we headed over to watch "Alluvia" - Grand Prairie's own water and light show! I thought it was great!

 Saturday //

I was up bright and early to take care of things around the house and then go run some errands. Then we helped Nate's parents do a few things around the house in preparation for Sunday! Then we headed over to the Garza's house to help set up for Arabella's first birthday! Nate helped with tables, tents, and fans while I put together a balloon arch. Then we had to head over to the hockey rink! It was just a few exits up from the party, so that was great! Mason had jersey fittings and then a leveling evaluation! 


After the evaluation, we headed back to the Garza's house where the party was. We celebrated sweet Arabella turning one!! She has been the greatest source of joy for all of us! We love her so much. 

One of our friends is a teacher and we wanted to shower her with a back-to-school basket! We all chipped in and got her some fun things! We all know how special our teachers are and deserve the absolute best!! 

I sure am thankful for these ladies!! The bonds we all have goes beyond friendship. They are family and I love them dearly. 

We spent the rest of the evening talking about future holidays and trips!! I can't wait for the "BER" months!

Sunday //

Nate and I slept in until 10:45!! We were so exhausted!! Then we got up and went to pick up all of our stuff from the Garza's house. Then we went and picked up some groceries from Kroger. We came home and I literally shoved groceries wherever I could put them before running off to Nate's parent's house. I helped his mom decorate and prepare for a "back to school bash" - mostly for Carson who is starting Kindergarten. We put together a little scavenger hunt for him to find school supplies! Nate's dad grilled some burgers and hot dogs and it was delicious. Then we played with water balloons, water guns, a sprinkler on the trampoline, a little pool, etc. It was a great family day!


It was a lovely weekend! I hope yours was too!

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