{Currently // August 2023}

Happy Wednesday!! Today I am linking up with Jennifer for the August edition of "Currently". It's a two blog posts in one day kind of day because I had already scheduled my Waxachachie Wednesday post. Anyhow, today I am sharing what I am currently loving, looking forward to, starting, thinking, and wearing.

Loving //

This list could get long - so much to love and to be grateful for! Life, my marriage, being a mother, daily walks, The Bible Recap, my chickens, watching Mason play hockey, friends that have become family, sunrises and sunsets, fresh blooms on our crape myrtle, walking barefoot in the grass, ice water with lime, hearing everyone's roosters while out on my walks, Sweet Magnolias, that my hens are starting to lay, my night-time serum...just to name a few!

Looking forward to //

Hockey League!!! Mason starts an actual league next month (practices start this month). We are so excited to see him play in games against other teams. He's been working so hard to learn as much as he can in these last five months and we can't wait to see it pay off! He's also excited that he gets a home and an away jersey! 

Also looking forward to three trips we have coming up; Round Top & Fredericksburg this month and California next month!! 

Starting //

Another book...just trying to decide which one. I put a goal on my summer bucketlist to read 3 books over the summer and I've surprised myself and read three in the last couple weeks! Below are the ones I have read so far:

The Summer of Broken Rules - by K.L. Walther

Heart of Hope - by Lucy Score

Rock Bottom Girl - by Lucy Score

Now, I'm trying to decided if I want to start Never Lie by Freida McFadden, Things We Hide from the Light by Lucy Score, or Watching You by Lisa Jewell.

I just saw that the new season of The Lincoln Lawyer is out, so I will be starting that soon! 

I'm also starting to loathe Texas summers. The heat is suffocating and it's miserable to do anything outdoors. We are outdoorsy people!! On the flip side of that, I am thankful Mason chose a sport that is cold and year-round (hockey) because it's a nice reprieve from the heat! 

Thinking //

About all of the places I want to go! Thanks to Tik Tok, my travel bucket list has gotten a lot longer!! Top on that list is the Fred W. Symmes Chapel aka The Pretty Place Chapel in Cleveland, SC. It looks like such a beautiful place and I am can't wait to see it one day! 

Wearing //

The least amount of clothes as possible! It's been around 105 degrees here with a high UV index and high humidity! Makes it hard to want to wear any clothes at all. Ha! All jokes aside, I've been wearing a lot of athleisure wear. I've been walking twice a day (mornings and evenings) about 3-5 miles a day.  I got some new walking/running shoes last weekend so I have been wearing those daily! They feel like walking on clouds. I went with comfort over cute this time since I was actually using them for physical activity! I went with Asics running shoes. I forgot how good they feel on my feet! Our cheerleading shoes were always Asics brand! 

Next month we are sharing what we are currently loving, seeing, dreaming, eating, and using to decorate. In October we will share what we are currently loving, excited about, watching, dreaming, and observing. 

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