{Ranger's Game // Lexus Club}

On Wednesday we were able to attend the Texas Rangers baseball game! We were gifted some amazing seats in the Lexus Club section! This was our first time ever sitting in the Lexus Club! The tickets came with an you can eat/drink option and the kids loved that. We had 8 tickets so some of our friends were able to join us. 

The actual seats were 2 & 3 rows above the Texas Ranger's dugout. It's so different watching the game from almost ground level. It's a whole different atmosphere down there and one that I could get used to. 

At one point, I took the kids up to the Lexus Club to get drinks, cookies, & ice cream and when we came back the Texas Ranger's Mascot was sitting in my seat!! It was so cool! Nate got a selfie with him. 

Although the Rangers lost to the Braves, the game was a blast. I just wish it wouldn't have flown by so fast! I could have sat through 18 innings or more in those seats!! 

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