{10 on the 10th // August edition}

 Happy Thursday!! Linking up with Marsha in the Middle for 10 on the 10th. I love these kinds of posts and I'm so happy I saw this link-up on Dara's blog

These are the prompts for this month:

1.) Tell us about your favorite summer vacation. Now, tell us about a vacation gone wrong. 

Oh, man! This one is hard. We have had so many fun vacations over the years!! I think our summer trip in 2016 is easily one of my favorites. We spent a few days in New Orleans (here, here, and here) and then we went and spent a few days in Panama City Beach, FL (here, here, here). 

As for a vacation that went wrong...this would definitely have to be our Colorado trip in 2004ish. We traveled to Colorado Springs, CO to see Nate's best friend graduate from the Air Force Academy. Our flight was scheduled for the day before with plenty of time. Only, some terrible storms came through and our flight was delayed a few times. We finally boarded the plane only to have to sit there another hour or two while it stormed. We looked out the window and saw all of our luggage just sitting out in the rain! We knew that was going to be a disaster. We finally took off and landed in CO! We went to get our rental car and thats where they informed us that we couldn't get a rental because we were not 25 years old. They sure didn't tell us that when we booked it, though. So we had to call a taxi to take us to the hotel. We were staying at the Holiday Inn Garden of the Gods...well the taxi took us to Holiday Inn ON Garden of the Gods road. We think he knew because he gave us his personal phone number and said to call him if we needed anything. We tried checking in and that's when they told us we were at the wrong hotel...ours was on the furthest side of town! So we called the Taxi back to take us to the right hotel. While that taxi bill was enough to make you want to cry, we were just thankful to be at the right hotel. We open our suitcases and everything is drenched. We poured water out of our shoes. So we went to find the hotel laundry room (thankfully they had one). The only dryer had someone's clothes in it. They were both done but there was no one in sight. We waited a solid 30-45 minutes and it didn't seem like anyone was coming so we kindly moved their clothes to their basket that they also left. We finally got our clothes in the dryer! When that was all said and done we climbed in the bed after 3 am. We had to be up and ready to go by 6 am. We made it to the graduation but I would be lying if I said we were not exhausted. We could barely keep our eyes open when the PRESIDENT was speaking! Despite these unfortunate circumstances, we had a great time and can now look back and laugh about it.

2.) Share an activity from your summers as a kid, but now you wouldn't even consider trying it. 

Growing up we would always go camping at the same place every year - Cypress Springs. My entire family and many of our extended family would go. It was always a blast. I remember swimming all over that lake and doing all of the water activities. Now? You wouldn't catch me swimming in a lake. I need to be able to see what's in the water with me! 

3.) Is there something you love to wear in the summer, but would never wear in the colder months?

I live in Texas and our summers are brutal so you want to wear as little clothing as possible! It's too hot and miserable to try to wear anything cute. 

4.) Spill the tea! What summer beverage do you need to make it through the day? What beverage wouldn't grace your table ever during the summer?

Yes please:

Non-alcoholic - ice water with lots of lime or ice water with extra vanilla from Sonic

Alcoholic - ranch water

No thanks:

Beer or soda. I gave up soda before lent and I haven't looked back! 

5.) When you were a kid, was there something you did that kids today would think was a complete waste of time? Is there something kids do today that you find a lost cause?

Hmm, the only thing that comes to mind was spending my summers waiting for a song to come on the radio so that I could record it to a cassette! And I did this all the time! Mason couldn't fathom having to do this - he has Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora at his finger tips! 

As for the 2nd half of the question - I can't really think of anything?

6.) Share a summer movie you watch as often as you can. What summer movie do you wish had never been filmed?

I think Dirty Dancing will forever be a favorite! I honestly do not watch a ton of movies so I am not sure which one I could do without. 

7.) Tell us about your current favorite summer song. Now, tell us about a song that instantly takes you back to your childhood. 

I only really listen to worship music. I have too many favorite songs so I will share some of my favorite artists instead..Elevation Worship, Maverick City Music, Lauren Daigle, Housefires (and so many more). I am also loving Blessings by Hollow coves!

A song that takes me back to my childhood is anything from the 80s! Especially Jack & Diane, Pour Some Sugar on Me, Islands in the Stream, Don't Stop Believin', anything by REO Speedwagon...to name a few.

8.) Time to spill the tea again! Are you a bikini-type person? Or, do you only dip your toe in the waters in a one piece?

I am a high-waisted two-piece bathing suit type of person! I can't do any of that barely there, cheeky stuff! ha. I've got too much junk in the trunk for that. 

9.) Share a favorite summer recipe you love to fix over and over again. Now, what recipe did you try one summer and will never attempt again?

Our favorite thing to make in the summer is homemade ice cream in the ice cream maker. It's so easy and SO good! 


2 two-liters of soda 

2 cans of sweetened condensed milk

And that's all! We like to get cream soda - it makes the best vanilla. You'll also need an ice cream maker, rock salt, and ice. You fill the canister with the ingredients (ours is big so we use two of each - but you may only need 1 of each), layer ice around the outside of the canister, top with rock salt, add another layer of ice, and then rock salt again, all the way to the top of the ice cream maker. Turn it on and let it go! 

10.) What is your absolute favorite summer smell? What summer smell makes you want to vomit?

Favorites - fresh cut grass, a summer rain, salt + sand + the ocean, suntan lotion, anything coconut or vanilla

Loathes - the smell of seafood! 

What about you?

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