Taking a look at our Spring list and all that we have accomplished. We'll be switching gears into summer mode soon and for that I am excited!

Here is what we accomplished:
 Go on a road trip
↠ Get snowcones
↠ Go on Sunday afternoon drives topless in the Jeep
↠ Attend a Jeep event or two
 Celebrate Mason's 10th birthday.
↠ Redo our picnic table
↠ Hang lights over our side patio/picnic table area
↠ Make hummingbird feed and fill my feeders
Do some upgrades to the Jeep (add skid plates & diff covers) - videos here and here
↠ Go fishing
↠ Go on some trails (video in the making)
↠ Have a picnic (we've had many of these on our new picnic table!)

Here is what did not get to and will just save for the summer:
 Play in the rain
↠ Spend some evenings at the lake
↠ Do some spring cleaning (closets and drawers) - we've been so focused on the outside of the house!
↠ Get out with my camera and explore
↠ Hang a bird feeder
↠ Roast marshmallows

Shared in Post #1 (here):
 Drive the Bluebonnet trails
↠ Chase a sunset or ten (here and here)
 Make homemade ice cream

 Celebrate Easter and the resurrection of our Savior 
↠ Update our flowerbeds
↠ Plant flowers
↠ Clean up around our property
↠ Relevel our firepit & add a row of stones
↠ Get Adirondack chairs to go around the firepit
↠ Sonic dates with Jeep friends

↠ Celebrate NeNaw's birthday ~ quarantine parade-style

Things we were not able to do this year because of the Corona:
↠ Go to Six Flags for annual AISD night
 Celebrate Easter and the resurrection of our Savior (kind of - we weren't able to go to church)
↠ Have park dates (parks are closed)
↠ Bring your kid to work day (Nate and Mason)
↠ Visit the Zoo (the zoo's are closed)
↠ Visit the Farmer's Market (closed)
↠ Go to Opening Day at the New Ranger's Ballpark
Go to Ranger's games
↠ Visit Kidzania (closed)
↠ Annual Mason, TX trip for Memorial Day

What's on your spring list this year? What do you look forward to the most come springtime?

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