I mentioned in my "Naming the Good Stuff" post that we have been tackling projects we've talked about doing for years. One of those projects was re-doing our picnic table. We inherited a picnic table that Nate's Grandfather or Uncle built many, many years ago. It was awesome but in dire need of some new wood. So, we did just that.

The base of the picnic table was in great shape, so we didn't have to replace that. The wood, however, was looking pretty pitiful. It was warped and faded and just an eyesore. Here's a couple of pictures of the before:

Each board was 7 inches wide and 6 feet long. We were able to grab two 8x12s for the top part of the table and then one 11x12 board for the seats. We cut each board in half and it was perfect for what we needed. We did make the seats a little wider than before. The 7-inch seats just wasn't cutting it! This ended up being a whole weekend project. We started on Friday evening and got all the wood cut and burned. We originally were going to stain it a gray color to match the bricks on our house, but after we put a little coat on it we didn't like it. So we decided to do the torch/burning method. We also got in a light coat of paint on the base. Saturday morning we worked to dis-assemble the rest of the old wood. There were some bolts that were stripped and just kept spinning. Nate had to grind those off with a cutter. We painted a couple more coats on the base and let that dry.

Nate got sidetracked when our neighbor let him borrow a Bobcat he rented to clear out some of our land in the back. It's been needing to be done for quite some time. Just another one of those projects on our list. So, we were glad to get that tackled. And Nate was just a little TOO excited to get to play on a Bobcat!

We finished up the table on Sunday! We branded it and then put a sealant on it. Then moved it to its new home. We are so happy with the outcome and so glad we went with the wood-burning method. We've been wanting to fix up the outside area of our home for so long and it makes my heart giddy to see it coming along.

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