After our annual camping trip to Mason, TX  (Thanks #Corona) was canceled we found a spot to camp in Fredericksburg, TX. We were so bummed to not be able to go to Mason. It's one of our most favorite weekends with some of our favorite people. But, we had an amazing time making new memories in Fredericksburg, TX.

We headed down on Thursday afternoon and got to our campgrounds around 6:30 pm. We headed to go eat at one of our favorite Mexican food places in town. It was our first time to dine in at any restaurant since all of this started. They were taking precautions and only every other table was opened. The food was delicious, as always. After eating we let Mason take a dip in the pool!

And then we called it a night!

Friday morning we slept in a bit and then Nate, Mason, and I went to walk the shops in Fredericksburg. Mason had some birthday money that was burning a hole in his pockets. There's a couple of fun shops on the strip that he loves.

Next, we went to check out Old Tunnel State Park. It has been a few years since we have been there. We were bummed to find out that the tunnel was under construction and you could only go to the lookout. Last time we were there we explored all down by the tunnel. It's an old train tunnel that now occupies bats!

After the tunnel, we went back to a place we saw on the way there called Bankersmith, TX. It's a neat little outdoor place. They were going to have a gunfight and dinner that evening so we made plans to go back.

After Bankersmith, we went to Luckenbach. It was so great to see bands playing there again! We heard that it had been a while since they had live music. It wasn't very crowded and we could actually walk through the building! We had a good time and I found the cutest sign for my porch.

After Luckenbach, we grabbed a Sonic fountain drink and then drove the backroads out to Enchanted Rock. We knew that we probably couldn't get in, but we wanted to see it. And we had some time to kill. It's such a pretty drive out there.

Then we went back to the campgrounds so that Mason could swim some more. This time Nate and Papa joined him.

Ty and Michelle arrived that evening and we all trucked on over to Bankersmith, TX. We missed the gunfight show and dinner, but we grabbed some drinks and played some of the lawn games. It was a good time!

Since we missed the dinner at Bankersmith, a quick Google search told us that there was an Italian place open pretty late. So, we went there and got a pizza. It was pretty delicious!

Saturday early afternoon we headed back to Fredericksburg so that Ty and Michelle could go to the shops. We tried a lot of the dips and such at Rustlin' Robs and bought some new things to try.

We tried to grab lunch at a burger spot there on the strip, but the wait was over an hour. So, we went to another Mexican food place. We had to split up because they were only allowing 6 at a table and we had 7. But, the food was amazing.

After lunch, the boys went back to the camper and us girls went to a winery to celebrate Michelle's birthday. Most of the wineries in Fredericksburg were just starting to open and most were only partially operating. We found one that worked well for us, though! We went to the Fat Ass Winery. They have a smaller location on the strip and we frequent it for their frozen sangria! Nate and I have been to this winery once and had a good time. We had planned on doing the "Saturday Wine Shuttle" but it wasn't operating due to the Corona. We did a couple of tastings and then found us a place on the patio to enjoy some more frozen wine treats. There was a band playing and there was a good breeze. It was such a fun time!

After the winery, we went back to camp and joined the guys at the pool. Then we went to have BBQ just minutes from camp.

Sunday we slept in and then went to the Amish Market. Then we went to lunch at this patio place we found down by old tunnel state park. Then it was time for homemade peach ice cream. After that, we decided to go ahead and pack up and come home a day early! There were some storms coming that we wanted to miss! We packed and got out of there in record-breaking time!


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