{Our Quarantined Life // Week 6}

This week marks 6 weeks of quarantine. SIX! Not sure why, but that just sounds like forever. Maybe because it's rare that we go 6 weeks without traveling somewhere. Right now I am okay with it, but I am looking forward to a long summer vacation and hoping that happens! At the end of last week, we started hearing that things are going to start opening back up in the next couple of weeks in Texas (minus schools - we are done for the year - e-learning only). Will we venture out when that happens? I'm not so sure! We will probably give it some more time...especially with Mason. The only time he has left the house is to run a quick errand and he never leaves the Jeep. Trying to keep my precious boy as safe as I can. The less exposed, the better. It's so bizarre to say that. I never thought we'd live in a time such as this.

Anyhow, here is a look at our 6th week of quarantine.

School this week has felt like a way lighter load than the weeks before. Especially ELAR. We are finishing that subject in about 15 minutes each and every day. Math and Science take a bit longer as there are videos to watch and then Mason has to show his work for everything. That's a bit time consuming as we have to take a picture of his work and then upload it to my cloud, and then save it to the computer, and then upload it to his google slides. Not hard, just time-consuming. Well, I take that back...it's a bit tough because Mason is the type of kid that doesn't like to share his work. He knows the answer and can do a complex problem in his head, but asking him to put it on paper is like asking him to give blood! ha. Math is definitely not his favorite. But, I can't say that I blame him. The way Math is taught these days is downright crazy! 17 steps to show for a simple problem. So much time wasted. Anyhow, that's a summary of school this week.

Monday, April 20th:

Nate officially has to wear a mask at work now. He works for a huge plant and they've had like 4 cases of confirmed Covid scattered among the many buildings. They've hired a full sanitation crew for each area that there has been a confirmed case. Anyhow, they are going to start taking temperatures at the gates each morning before work. That makes me feel a bit better!

That evening we played outside with the dogs and drove down to our lake on the side by sides. Mason got to do a little offroading and he loved it. Those smiles and giggles will forever be etched in my heart.

 Tuesday, April 21st:

We got ahead by another day in Math & Science! Maybe through a few tears, but we did it. I got a Dip nail kit in the mail so after school and work I tried it out. For my first time, I didn't do too bad at all. I just need a nail drill so that I can get around the edges and my cuticles better.

It was actually kind of fun to do them! I'm looking forward to the next time because I know I can do so much better! And, I found a nail drill thing. Amazon was showing that they couldn't deliver one until June so we went to Harbor Freight and I found one there for $9.99!

I also worked on a craft that afternoon! I've been wanting to make a set of the stamped books so I did just that. I think I'm going to redo the letters though and make them smaller.

 That evening we grilled and ate supper outside. Mason played on his Polaris and we let the dogs run and roam!

 Wednesday, April 22nd:

It was a normal work & school day. That evening we rode down to the lake. Nathan fished for a while and Mason and I played! Later that evening Nate and I hung out on the porch and watched Aaron Watson live. It was such a nice and relaxing evening!!

Thursday, April 23rd:

Work and school were normal. That evening we ate supper and went to spend some time outside, per the usual. We took the windows out of the soft top on the Jeep since we were going to have over a week of really nice weather. It was our first time to take them out on this top! I got some new decals in the mail and I'm obsessed.

We grilled some supper and ate outside. Nate's mom was working on the Blackberry area in our back yard so she came over! Then Nate's dad and their pups joined too and we started a fire. It was nice to hang out and chill by the fire.

Friday, April 24th:

I worked like normal. Nate was off and Mason didn't have much school work to do at all. We went to Atwoods when I got off work to get some things we were needing at the house. That evening we picked up sushi and ate at home. We started yet another fire!

Saturday, April 25th: 

We slept in until around 9:00 am that morning! Then we went straight outside to play. We took the side by sides out into the pasture and down to the creek. It's been a while since we had been down there! We used to spend so much time down there playing in the creek, chasing frogs, skipping rocks, etc. It brought back a lot of memories for sure.

That evening we drove to town to check out a taco shop we've never been to! We kept hearing great things about it and wanted to try it out. They serve street style tacos...so they are pretty small. We weren't sure how to order and didn't order enough. So, we had a taco snack! haha! They were delicious, though.

We capped that evening off with another fire in the firepit. We cranked up some tunes and just relaxed! I love ending our days like this.

Sunday, April 26th:

We all slept in until at least 11. Glory Glory! Mason slept until 1:00! We lost track of time because we were out in the shop working. We installed two different parts on the Jeep; a transfer case skid plate and front and rear diff covers. After working up a thirst we drove into town to get some drinks at Sonic. We ran into our good friends there! So we pulled over to chat for a while and catch up on things! It was so nice to catch up!

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