{Don Juans Grand Opening // June 2020}

One of our favorite restaurants from our hometown recently opened a second location about an hour from us near Cedar Creek Lake. Nathan and I have so many memories of this place (at the Grand Prairie location) and have gone there for as long as we can remember. The grand opening for the new location just so happened to be on a Friday (Nate is off on Fridays) and so he and Mason were able to go!

Nathan and Mason left bright and early around 8:00 am for the 10:00 am grand opening! They were the first in line and were so excited. They got to chat with some of the owners and such. And they were so kind as to give Nathan and Mason some t-shirts and other swag! They also videoed them walking in and were going to hang up the money Nate paid with (for their first dollar).

And, the cool thing about this location is that it's like 5 minutes from my aunts' lakehouses! So, I know we will get to visit often.

Nate brought back food to me since I had to work. It was delicious and taste just like what we grew up on. We are so excited for our friends at Don Juans!!

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