One thing I have been wanting to do forever was hanging some lights over our patio. I think this has been on my season bucketlist for a year or maybe even two. They are just so dreamy and I wanted them bad! Especially now that we have our new picnic table there. So, we tackled this project last weekend.

We didn't really have a place for the lights to connect on the outer part of our porch so we had to get creative. We have one (broken due to a storm) tree and that's it. So we thought of a system that would work. We bought a 12-foot post, a planter, and some concrete at Home Depot. Friday evening we set the post in concrete and then let it dry overnight.

Saturday morning we brought the post out of the shop and started planning out how we were going to string the lights.

I didn't like the planter it was in and it looked way too small. So, we put the planter & post in a metal bucket that I had on hand. By doing this I was able to plant some pretty ground cover to cover up the concrete! I chose a ground cover that does well with rocks and stone and it's actually really pretty. I just need to get a few more to complete the bucket. I know that it will grow and spread, but the empty spots right now are really bothering me. lol. Anyhow, after a bit of trial and error, we figured out how we wanted our lights.

And? It's so dreamy! I love spending our evenings out there.

It feels so good to knock all these home projects off the list!

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