It's been forever since I have written a Five on Friday post! Since I'm no longer writing the "Our Quarantined Life" posts, I thought this would be a good way to dump out some of the week's randomness. So, here goes...

{O N E} // DIY shelving & storage

Nathan has been wanting to get our garage in order for quite some time. We finally got it cleaned out enough that I could park the Jeep in there, but it was needed a major overhaul. We finally got a game plan and built our DIY shelves and storage in the garage! One side is 8 foot long and 3 foot deep. The other side is a little under 7ft long and 3 feet deep. We plan to use it for all of my decoration buckets. It free up some space in our attic and will be much easier on me to switch out decor for the holidays & seasons! This took us most of Sunday with a few trips to Home Depot, but well worth it.

{T W O} // Mason's well check appointment

Last Thursday we went for Mason's well check appointment and it was so odd! As soon we walked through the doors there was a lady there in full PPE to screen us. Then we went to the clerk and then she walked us straight back to a room. That was the first time we've never had to sit in a waiting room! But, I'm not complaining! The less contact we have with people and things is okay by me. The nurse came in and took all his vitals & info and then weighed him, measured his height, and did his vision test while I stayed in the room to update some parent forms.

Mason's stats:

Height - 4 foot 5.36 inches (31st percentile)
Weight - 74 lbs 6 oz (61st percentile)
BP - 96/66

Dr. Sweet came in and did all of her tests. She told us Mason was absolutely perfect and commended us on how healthy of a child he has been! Praise the Lord! Every time I leave there I thank the Lord for that sweet doctor of his. She is the kindest lady ever. We just love and adore her.

{T H R E E} // Evenings & Sunsets

We have had the most incredible evenings and sunsets lately! It's such a blessing to see such a beautiful sky and know that God created that just for us to enjoy.

{F O U R} // Morning routine

I have gotten into such a good morning routine and I am loving it! I get up early, check my work email, and take care of anything that needs to be done, and then I go outside. I do my Gratitude Journal, my devotional, and my Bible studies all outside on our new picnic table. I let the dogs out with me and let them roam as much as they want. Usually after 10 minutes or so they are both asleep at my feet. It's so refreshing to start my day by being in the Word! And most evenings I end my day the same exact way.

{F I V E} // Sonic

If you haven't gotten the new brownie batter shake from Sonic RUN and don't walk! To get you one...

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