{Weekend Wrap-up // Working in the garage, lake, Sunday Funday with neighbors}

It's been a minute since I have done a "weekend wrap-up"! We had a pretty good one, so why not share?

F R I D A Y //

I worked all day. Nate was off, but he and Mason both had dentist appointments. They were gone most of the morning/afternoon. They brought back lunch and we ate together at home. That evening we took Mason to get a Butterbeer from a local coffee shop and then went to Home Depot for some supplies to work on the garage. We have been busy working in that space and making it more functional rather than a catch-all. We got kits to insulate both garage doors, a couple of shop lights, and materials to paint our garage fridge. One of the lights has a built-in blue tooth speaker and it's so cool! Perfect for this space.

Before/After of the fridge. The before is hideous. But, this has always been a garage fridge and is probably older than me. Who knows! I think the after is much better.

We finished all three projects that night! We also organized the garage a bit more.

Saturday // 

We were out in the garage working some more when our neighbor friends texted to see if we wanted to drive to Cedar Creek Lake to the new Don Juans. Of course, we were game!! It's our favorite place and I haven't been to the new location yet. As we are waiting to turn into the restaurant a car drives by and we see people waving like crazy! Two of my aunts have lake houses out that way and they were going into town to eat and shop! Small world. Don Juans didn't disappoint, as always.

After Don Juans, we decided to drive to another lake to see our good friends at Life on Back Forty. They had such a nice camping spot! It was great to catch up for a bit. The kids had fun walking around the campgrounds and chasing a baby armadillo.

After visiting our friends for a while we headed home. On the way home, we passed a sunflower field and Nate stopped to let me get some pictures. (full sunflower post coming soon)

That evening we walked over to our neighbor's house to hang out by the fire and have some adult beverages. We had such a good time just hanging out and talking about everything under the sun (or moon!).

Sunday //

Nate and I slept in until almost 11 am! We were so tired and was resting good! Around 1:30 we went over to our neighbor's house for some waterslide fun! It was such a fun day. We hung out, cooked out, and played in the water. There was a glorious sunset that evening!!

How was your weekend?

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