You know I love me a good DIY! I started seeing these DIY round wood signs popping up on Pinterest and Facebook and knew I had to make one. And then after we finished our picnic table we had this big empty wall that needed something to fill the space. And then it hit me - a round wood sign. And I knew just what I wanted it to say.

In all of our trips to Home Depot lately, I discovered they sell the round wood pieces already cut! What the what! I grabbed the larger of the two sizes and it was just under $12 I believe. I bought the greenery and chalk paint from Walmart, and the bow from Hobby Lobby. I made the "Gather" part using my Cricut and Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl. I was going to stencil and paint it, but was worried about the black paint bleeding onto the white paint. I'm not a good enough painter to trust myself! ha.

I had Nate burn the wood to match our picnic table. Then I measured it and taped it off so that I could paint the bottom half. I painted it using chalk paint and only put a very thin coat. Once it dried, I took some sandpaper to it to rough it up a bit. I wanted more of the wood to show through.

Next, I added the "Gather" decal to the wood. It went on smoothly and easily. Then I started working on the top half. I used a heavy-duty stapler to staple the greenery onto the wood sign. The bow covers that part anyhow and you can't see it. Then I added a bow. I think I will eventually change this one, but it works for now.

And here it is hanging on our newly re-done porch! I am in love with the way it came out.

I've since made my mom a sign for her front porch! I used the smaller of the two-round wood pieces at Home Depot for hers. Mine is HUGE, but I needed it to fill that big space as much as possible. Mom's sign came out so cute, too!

A short video:

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