Week seven? It just seems unreal! Seven weeks of quarantine and staying at home as much as possible. Still ready to travel and camp, but still equally enjoying the time at home. I love getting projects done and making the outside of our property such an enjoyable place to be. Here's a look at our week.

Monday, April 27th:

Just a normal & typical Monday over here! We talked with our neighbors and Mason rode his Polaris. We caught a beautiful sunset!

Tuesday, April 28th:

Same ol', same ol'! School, work, supper...all the typical weekly things. Mason wanted to spend the evening in our bed with the twinkle lights.

Wednesday, April 29th:

Mason and I made the birdhouse that his Mimi and Papa gave him for Easter. We opted to paint it with some paint we already had rather than using the bright primary colors that came with it. It was fun to work on it together.

That evening we went to Nate's brother's house to help him and Michelle take the hardtop off her Jeep and help with a couple of other things. Nate's brother recently shaved his head and we were giggling over how much he looked like Nate. So we had to take a picture.

Thursday, April 39th:

It was Nathan's Grandmother's 82nd birthday. She lives in an assisted living and they are on extreme lock-down due to the virus. No one in to visit and residents can't leave their apartments. We wanted to make her day as special as could be. We ordered yard cards for her, sent gifts all throughout the day, and coordinated a parade in the evening time. They allowed her to wheel out into the courtyard (a good distance from the road) to watch the parade. We were blown away by the number of people that showed up to participate.

Friday, May 1st:

I took the day off work. We had a ton of errands we needed to run and an eye Dr appt, etc. Plus, I just needed a day off. It had been almost 2 months since I last had a day off. :) We started our day off with a trip to Home Depot to get some things for a couple of home projects. Then we had a grocery pick up at HEB. Get home only to find out they charged us for 16 items we did not receive. I had to call them and get it all worked out. It was a mess. Once we got that all straightened out we went to pick up Nate's mom and head Grand Prairie for Mason's eye appointment to pick up his new glasses. Since we were in Grand Prairie we went to eat at our favorite place in Grand Prairie, Don Juans. We had to picnic it in the Jeep because the inside wasn't open.

Next, we were on our way to our next destination - a drive-by birthday parade for Nate's Mom's bosses son! He was turning 11 and we wanted to help in making it special.

Once that parade was over we headed straight to another parade! This one was for a Senior that just got a new Jeep as a graduation present.

That evening we came back home to get started on one of our weekend projects. We started the homemade ice cream maker while we worked.

Saturday, May 2nd:

We woke up and started working on our outdoor projects. That came to a halt when our neighbor let Nate borrow the Bobcat to clear out some of our land in the back. It really needed done and our neighbor was willing to let us use the Bobcat he rented.

That evening we worked on our projects some more.

Sunday, May 3rd:

We finished our outdoor projects (more on that later) and then started working on rolling up all the barbed wire from the back forty. I ran to Atwoods to get some new Adirondack chairs to go around our firepit.

That evening we went to Bristol to get sushi for supper! On the way there we saw the funniest hay bales and I had to take a picture! It was nice so we ate outside. Then we started a fire in our firepit and our neighbors came over.

And that's a wrap on week seven!

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