{Quarantine Home Project #1 // Flowerbed Update}

Back at the beginning of quarantine we took advantage of the time at home and updated our flowerbeds. Our house has HUGE flower beds around the front of our home and around one side. While they are very nice, they are somewhat of a pain to keep up with. It would cost a small fortune to landscape the whole thing with flowers and such, so we fill them with mulch and plant a few flowers/bushes/plants in scattered places. Over the winter months, we got behind on pulling weeds and such. It was looking a bit sad and scary. So, it was the perfect time to tackle those.

We spent about 6 hours on Friday evening just pulling up the weeds. I was so sore and hurt from the tips of my fingers to my toes!! But, it was quite therapeutic and I enjoyed it.


Saturday morning we got started bright and early! We laid down ground cover and began spreading mulch. It took 34ish bags of mulch to cover these areas!!

Once we finished the flowerbeds we replanted a couple of things, and then spruced up our front porch. I brought out the springtime wreath and put a couple of potted plants out. I ordered a new garden flag from Amazon, but it was delayed I shipping.

We had some extra mulch so we decided to use it to spruce up a little flower bed we have over by the shop. We gathered some things from around our house to "fix" up that area. I love the rustic vibe and think it came out pretty cute!

We also cleaned up our side porch, but I forgot to take any before/afters. It feels so good to get home projects done.

Have you done any home projects while on quarantine?

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