{Five on Friday // Reminiscing, 4th of July shirt, Skies, Tik Tok, New Kicks}

Happy Friday! I thought this week would really drag since it was the week after a week-long vacation, but it actually went by pretty quick. All the praise hands. I think it helps when work is busy and there are enough chores to do at home (catching up from vacay) in between work. And the best part? We have a pretty chill weekend ahead of us. Nothing really planned. Unless we think of a home project to do. Anyhow, here's a little Five on Friday.

{O N E} // Beach photos

As I was going through all of our photos from our recent beach trip (blog post coming soon) I noticed there were a couple of pictures that reminded me of a beach trip past. I captured some of the same pictures of Nate & Mase as I did when Mason was just two. I had to put them side by side and now I am a bucket of tears. Why do I do this to myself??  :)

{T W O} // 4th of July shirt

We got word that our town had canceled the 4th of July parade, but that it was still on for a neighbor town! So, the Ellis County Jeep Club will be joining that parade. We are so excited that we still get to do a parade and praying like crazy this one doesn't get canceled. An event as such calls for something new to wear, right? So, I made one. I saw a similar one on Facebook and knew this was the "saying" or lyric I wanted to use this year. I love the way it came out.

{T H R E E} // the sky after a rainstorm

There is just something so amazing about the sky after a storm! It's like God's way of telling us that beautiful things can come after a storm. Nate and I were sitting on the couch and noticed an orange glow out of the windows. So, I jumped up to go take some pictures (of course!).

{F O U R} // Tik Tok

Anyone else obsessed with Tik Tok? I think it helps to fill that creative side of me. I love making and creating and Tik Tok has been so fun to create little videos. Follow me here. I'm not doing all those crazy dances but making videos that are mostly Texas travel based. Or just here at home.

My biggest Tik Tok so far has been this video I made about Luckenbach!

Are you on Tik Tok? Leave me your user name in the comments. I want to follow.

{F I V E} // New Kicks

Why is it the cutest thing ever when kids get new shoes? Mason recently got some new kicks and he's extra proud of them because he bought them with his own money! He had to take them outside for a "test drive" and to see how fast they make him run. Mercy, I love this boy.

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