Isn't it amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do to something? We have this really awesome chair on our porch that came from Nathan's Grandfather's place. When we first moved it out to our new home the paint was chippy and it was rusty. We painted it red as it matched our decor back then. But now it didn't really match anything we had. So, I painted it and added a cushion to make it fit the space better!

Here is the before (rusty & red)

And the after:

It looks completely different and now it matches our porch so much better. I love this chair because it's antique and so well made. We'll be hanging on to this chair for a long while. The day after I painted the chair Mason and I had to run to Ferris. While we were there we checked the local Family Dollar to see if they had any seat cushions. This was the last one left and it just so happened to match perfectly! It's two-sided and both sides are adorable. And, it's so comfy! Such a great deal for only $5 bucks.

Have you worked on any home projects during this quarantine?

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