{Mason's 10th birthday party}

We haven't had a birthday party for Mason for the last couple of years. We couldn't seem to fit one in between the end of school and our travel schedule. This year we made it happen! My parents recently got a nice above ground pool and Mason wanted to have his birthday party there. Our nephew's birthday was June 11th so we just combined both boys' celebration together! We were inviting mostly family anyhow. It worked out great!

This was the easiest, most relaxing, and the most enjoyable birthday party I think we've ever had. My mom wanted to take care of all the food & drinks, my sister made homemade ice cream, popcorn, and snow cones, and I brought the cupcakes. We wanted it to be more of a cook-out/family gathering and it was just that! It was so good to see all the family since we haven't seen most of them since before quarantine!

Is this an indication that birthday parties get easier the older they get? I sure hope so!

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