{Chasing sunsets 2020 // vol. 1}

This was before our shelter in place and quarantine.  Just late in posting it!

One of my favorite things to do in the spring & summer is cruise the backroads around our town. It's this time of year that the wildflowers start popping up and the sunsets are indescribable. The day after our spring break trip we decided to go eat at our favorite little old-time soda shop on the square and then drive to chase the sunset!

Farmluck was so delicious and the atmosphere was great too! I love that it's on the downtown square.

After supper, we decided to drive out to Waxahachie Lake to see the sunset over the lake. It's one of our favorite spots to watch the sunset. It's a pretty drive out to the lake, only about 5-7 minutes from the downtown area. We park just over the dam in this little spot that is really only big enough for one vehicle. It offers the most beautiful view of the lake and the sunset. There is a little retaining wall that we always sit or stand on. I had been standing on the wall for a minute or two before Nate comes over. And then I hear "Oh crap!" and he points to the ground. I see this...

Umm, no! I don't do snakes!! I ran back to the Jeep while Nate attempted to pick up the snake. He ran off and back into the water at that point. I am just so thankful that I didn't step down off that wall because I would have stepped right on top of that snake. Eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk!

Anyhow, we parked and waited for the sunset. I took pictures and time-lapses as well.

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