{Sweet Summertime // Summer 2020 Bucketlist}

The first official day of summer was on June 20th, but let's be real...Texas never plays by that rule! It's been summer for a while around here! It's already hit triple digits more than once. I missed posting this on the 20th because we were on vacation! Until I get around to blogging about our trip, you can see many pictures on my Instagram.  Spoiler alert! It was a good one. Anyhow,  here's a look at our Summer 2020 bucketlist.

🍉 go find a sunflower field & take pictures
🍉 road trip!!
🍉 make s'mores
🍉 make homemade ice cream
🍉 go to the beach
🍉 have a snow cone date with Mason
🍉 go camping
🍉 go on a summer vacation
🍉 have a water balloon fight
🍉 join Ellis County Jeeps in the 4th of July parade
🍉 watch fireworks on the 4th
🍉 go swimming
🍉 float the river
🍉 eat copious amounts of watermelon
🍉 lake days with friends
🍉 make a summer vlog
🍉 go wheeling
🍉 have suppers outside on our new porch
🍉 build a deck on our side porch
🍉 do Jeep things with Jeep friends
🍉 go to a waterpark
🍉 go check out Scheels
🍉 visit the Texas hill country
🍉 go to Beaver's Bend
🍉 attend our church's outdoor worship night event
🍉 watch a sunset or two, or forty
🍉 have a birthday party for Mason
🍉 have a date night with just Nathan and I

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