The Currently series with Anne in Residence is one of my favorite blog link-ups. I somehow missed the link-up in May, so I am combining May & June here. :) 


making: a really fun craft project that I can't wait to share soon! I've been seeing them float around Pinterest and knew I needed one for my porch. It came out even better than I hoped! We've also been making a huge dent in our "home project to-do list".  Other than that, we've just been making memories & homemade ice cream. 

missing: the excitement I had over vacationing in the Smokey Mountains.  Womp. Womp. We could still go, but not everything will be opened back up yet. We had planned to spend a couple days in Nashville and then five or so days in Pigeon Forge. One of the main things we wanted to do was Dollywood, but it's not opened yet and has no tentative opening date. My boys have never been to the Smokies and it's literally one of my favorite places on earth. I was so excited to introduce them to the beauty of Tennessee. 

learning: how to be completely content here at home. We are usually on the go (constantly) so this has been a big change for us. But spoiler alert...it hasn't been hard at all. With all the DIY projects we've done at home lately, it's made it so nice. Both doing the projects and then enjoying what we've built! Sometimes I would rather be nowhere else but here at home. We're also learning how to DIY some pretty big projects around here! It's been such a fun thing to do with Nathan (and sometimes Mason!). 

loving: I feel like a broken record, but all of our home projects. I'm already thinking of our next one before we even finish one. Most of our projects have been outside, so I am ready to start focusing on some indoor projects! My home office and our laundry room need a major overhaul! 

reading: now that e-learning is over, I'm really not reading anything at all. All of our free time has been spent working on things around here, or hanging out around a campfire, or sitting under the lights on our porch! I need to find a good book, though. Any suggestions? I like suspense, thrillers, and of course romance novels.


feeling: pretty proud of us and our accomplishments lately! I love that we have used this time wisely to start making some needed improvements around here. If we are going to be quarantined at home, then we might as well love our home. Right?

wearing: clothes are getting lighter and lighter around here as the Texas temps are steadily climbing! We've mostly just been living in shorts and tanks or t-shirts. Or, occasionally a summer dress. 

buying: if you looked at our bank account statement there would be a whole lot of Home Depot and Sonic charges on there! Home Depot for supplies for all these projects and Sonic for drinks to quench our thirst during all of our hard work. Other than that, we haven't bought much of anything else lately. 

craving: I've been craving some sushi from our favorite little general store in Bristol, TX. It's been a few weeks and I think we are overdue for both a good backroads drive there.

discussing: vacation plans! We are looking at renting a beach house down at the coast. Many of us have already taken off the week we were supposed to go to Tennesee, so we want to make use of that time. 

What have you been up to currently?

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