{Five on Friday // August // pt 1}

Happy Friday! I have to say that surprisingly this week flew by! I thought it would be the longest week in history since it was my first time back to work in over 12 days. I'm glad it wasn't. I am ready for the weekend. We don't have a lot planned, but I am ready and excited all the same.

Back to life...back to reality! We currently have no trips planned and it feels so freakin' weird. I mean, we have places we want to go, but nothing set in stone. Such a bummer. So, for now, it's work, work, work until we get something planned. We only have a few more weeks until school starts. Guess I will just have to stare at these mountain pictures every day...

Speaking of school...the calendar rolled over to August and I am completely freakin' the freak out! I'm so not ready for school to take my baby away. I love having him home. I love our slow-going mornings and getting to see/kiss him any time I want. That boy and me are attached at the hip. OH and the traveling. School makes it hard to do any kind of traveling. (insert eye roll here) We start back on the 22nd. When do y'all start?

I will be definitely praying these back to school prayers and prayers for our teachers for the next few weeks.

We have a back to school event this weekend and I am equal parts sad and excited. I'm weird, I know.

We finally got the registration done on the CJ and it's street legal! Wahoo! We finished all the paperwork before we left on our trip and got to the courthouse at 4:32...they closed at 4:30. So, we had to do it when we got back. Mason always says the CJ is his Jeep so Nate had him help put the new plates on. I loved this view so much even though I could see a tiny glimpse at our future...tears!

Last night we had the Jeep club meet and we took both Jeeps. It's so weird being a two Jeep family again. Especially with it being our old Jeep! But, we love it. We had some friends come over and convoy out to the meetup location. We had five Jeeps following to the restaurant about 25 minutes away. We got some looks, that's for sure! Fun times.

While we were on vacation in New Mexico we met the sweetest family at our resort. We spent countless hours just hanging out and talking and it was so good for my heart. They are an inspiration and friends that we know we will have for a lifetime. I love how God ordains friendships so perfectly!!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend, friends! Enjoy every minute.

For my blogging friends, are there any upcoming link-ups I should know about? I've been out of the blogging game for a bit. :)

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