{Back to school // Our family traditions}

As I was preparing things for back to school it hit me just how many family traditions we have. And I love every one of them! I thought I would share those traditions here on the blog. These are things that we do aside from the normal school supply shopping, uniform + shoe shopping, haircut, etc.

{O N E}   Make Mason's teacher(s) a chalkboard with the initial of their last name. I always take a peek around their room at Meet the Teacher and then I make the bow to match their room. We give this to them on the first day with a gift card to Walmart so they can buy things for their classroom throughout the year. I usually always take extra supplies to his teachers.

{T W O}   Make Mason's yearly chalkboard sign for the year. He tells me the answers and I fill them in. We take pictures with the chalkboard the morning before the first day of school. I found this chalkboard in the dollar section of Target and love it.

{T H R E E}   Pray over our teachers, the entire staff of the school, safety over our campus, the students and of course our little Mason Lane. I blogged a couple of posts on how we pray for the new school year and for our teachers.

{F O U R}   Read books about the grade Mason is entering the night before. I always search Amazon and find books that pertain to the grade Mason is entering and ones that I think he would like. We've always read "The night before" books, but I can't find one for third grade. I guess they only go up to 2nd grade. Anyhow, I found a couple for this year.

{F I V E}   Take pictures in the white shirt. I bought a white t-shirt in the men's department, size large, to see how Mason grows into it each year. We will do this every day on the first day of school until he graduates. I can't wait to see the photos of Kinder through Senior year. Okay, maybe I can.

What traditions do you have when it comes to back to school time?

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