{Memorial Day Trip to Mason, TX}

Another May event that I need to get on the blog...since this is our family scrapbook. Our annual Memorial Day trip to Mason, TX. One of our favorite trips of the entire year. We just love that part of the Texas Hill Country, the people and the relaxing fellowship! And the food too. It's just an all-around great long weekend we look forward to each year. This year did not disappoint. We had an amazing time.

It was Mason's birthday weekend so his Nana brought his gifts to open while we were camping! He was so surprised and excited. He got a Dino fingerling and a tree swing he'd been wanting a more. He's one loved little guy!

Friday afternoon we shopped in Fredericksburg. We like to go during the weekday because it usually proves to be less crowded. It was warm and a little more crowded than we're used to, but it was still a great time. Nathan and Michelle tried some really hot hot-sauce at a shop and so naturally we had to get ice cream. Mason got lavender and I tried it. It's better than you'd think! 

That evening after our community style supper a storm rolled in. We heard on the radar that there were several tornados touching down in our area and we needed to take cover. Luckily, the RV park has a cement bathroom not too far from our campsites. Over 40 of us took cover in the bathrooms. It was such a frightening experience. We couldn't see what was going on, we could only hear it. After a solid 30-45 minutes, the storm passed and we went back to our campsites. There wasn't too much damage done, Praise God! In all of our years of camping in Mason we have never had a storm/scare like that! We were all exhausted after that and called it a night.

Saturday Nathan and I went back to Fredericksburg & Luckenbach with some friends. They got into town on Friday (right before the storms) and missed our shopping excursion on Friday afternoon. So, we offered to drive and went back with them. Mason opted to stay back at camp and play with his friends. So, Nate and I got a little day date in with some good friends of ours. We had such a great time! We love introducing people to some of our favorite places.

That evening a big group of us decided to go watch the bats emerge from the cave. That is such a cool experience. It was our second time, but a first for many in our group. Over a million pregnant female bats emerged from that one cave! I'm not going to lie, it freaks me out quite a bit, but then again it's so neat to watch. The smell of ammonia is pretty strong, so you have to get over that as well. The lady working the cave gave us all a cute little bat charm!

Sunday was a slow and lazy morning for us. We all just hung out at the campsites talking for a while. Then we decided to hit the river. There is a nice sized river on the way to the batcave that we've always wanted to play in, so we did! It was fun and the water was refreshing.

That evening Nathan and I drove part of the Texas Hill Country Loop. It's a very pretty and scenic area with lots of wildlife. We had such a good time just getting to spend time together and having uninterrupted conversation. And we caught an amazing sunset.

Monday was our pack up, say our goodbyes and travel back home day. Mason, TX you will forever hold a part of our hearts. The memories we have made there are some of the best.

Do you have a place to frequent?

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