{Beaver's Bend}

I'm still a bit in catch-up mode around here. We had a completely full summer and I want to recap all the things since this is our family scrapbook. Back in July we took a trip to the Kiamichi Mountains to camp at one of our favorite places ever, Beaver's Bend. July 4th was on a Wednesday so we just took a couple of extra days after it to make a long weekend! As always, Beaver's Bend did not disappoint. We had a blast!!

We panned for gold, we canoed and got caught in a downpour (so fun), we fished, played in the river, met the owner of  Hocahtime and got to tour his new storefront, we watched amazing sunsets over the Kiamichi Mountains, we ate good food, we hiked, and relaxed in hammocks, and most of all we made a pocket full of amazing family memories we will never forget!

This is one place that I could go to over and over again and never grown tired of it! I love it so much and love all of the memories I have made there with my precious family!

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